Neglected Book Challenge

We all do it. We see a book; the cover looks interesting, the blurb seems like something we’d be into, we¬†flick through and we like the little bits our eyes take in. And so we buy it. We take it home, and put it on our shelves, ready for when we’ve finished our current read.

And then it never sees the light of day again.

Other books come along, life gets busy, you lose it, you’re in a reading funk… there are a load of different reasons – ahem, excuses – as to why we¬†never quite get around to reading a certain book.

The only problem is, this doesn’t happen to us bookish types just once. Oh no. This’ll happen three, four, five times… until suddenly we can fill a whole shelf with books we haven’t read (yet).

Now, this was never our intention. We love these books. We’re attached to them so much that someone will suggest we get rid of them and we will defiantly say “No! I’m going to read it!” and then we’ll completely forget we ever said that and go on to read something else. Again.

But the point is, we fully intend to read these things at some point. It may take years, but we will.

And so, that is what I am going to do. For the month of September I’m going to be reading and reviewing those books that I’ve had for too long to have not read. You can follow my progress by checking the neglected books tag on my blog, and I’ll also be keeping (and updating) a list of my progress right here for you to follow!

Are you going to join me in reading your neglected books this month? Let me know in the comments below, or tell me which books you’ve had on your shelves but have yet to read. I’d love to know!

SHADOW – K.T. Parker

EMPRESS – Karen Miller

THE SONG OF ACHILLES – Madeline Miller


THE COLOUR OF MAGIC – Terry Pratchett