As the title suggests, I’m Lorren, and this is my blog for all things bookish (and more besides!)

I’m a UK book blogger living in the South of England (about 2 hours out from central London) currently studying for a BA in English Language. I’ve been an avid reader for many years, and have been a part of writing forums and websites for almost as long.

Some of my favourite books include:

  • Fantasy (Most varieties, but particularly epic/high fantasy)
  • YA and Children’s fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Non-fiction (feminist, ancient history and travel)

Books I absolutely will not read are:

  • Hard sci-fi
  • Modern History
  • Modern Fantasy

These lists are not conclusive, and do not include some of the big popular genres currently around today. This is due to the lines between what I will and won’t read of these genres being much more hazy and often down to the individual book, rather than characteristics that apply to the whole genre (or sub-genre).

If from this information you think you have a book I would like to read and review, then please feel free to contact me.


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